Currently, the biggest problem in the healthcare industry is to provide reliable, timely, and quality health care solutions to seniors and patients who are living in remote areas. An estimated 133 million adults in the United States have one or more chronic health conditions and one in four have two or more chronic conditions. As a nation, we spend over 75% of our healthcare dollars to treat these conditions.

How it works

RxSubClub's smartwatch helps to monitor seniors or remote patients, as Health Watch is actively collecting Heart rate, blood pressure, SPo2, and temperature. Also actively monitor daily activities, such as sleep, walking steps, calorie intake, etc. Your health watch data gets uploaded on the RxSubClub portal, so it helps your health coach to review your health matrix and accordingly they can guide you to keep healthy.


Benefits of Health Watch

  • Medication Reminder
  • GPS tracking
  • Daily Activity Monitor
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Voice/Video calling
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Self Management support
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