Let’s start with a real life scenario. When you hire a physical trainer at your gym, you expect them to push you to your limits and help you stay true towards a fit diet and exercise routine. With your health, it should be no different.

RxSubClub is introducing the concept of a Virtual health coach. Your health coach ensures that you stay healthy and prevent contracting any chronic illnesses by pushing you to keep your health metrics in check, helping you take precautions beforehand. Based on your health and lifestyle data, the health coach sets goals for you to achieve each month before your next appointment.

Your goals are tracked by a smartwatch from RxSubClub or your own personal smartwatch (Apple watch, FitBit, etc.) where you accumulate points that contribute to your reward - which is the best part. You will receive a 75% refund as a reward on your membership plan if you achieve your set goals for each month!

How it works


Schedule your appointment with your personal health coach and set specific health goals each month


Track your goals with your smartwatch from RxSubClub or with your Apple Watch or FitBit at all times


If you achieved your goals for each month, get a 50% refund from RxSubClub on your monthly membership


Review your health and lifestyle data with your health coach and set new goals for next month

Why Do You Need A Personal Health Coach

Chronic conditions like Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and Cholesterol are increasing everyday, and most of the time we don’t see it coming. While our health coaches are for everybody, research shows that millennials specifically should take high precaution. Millennials are at the age where they are more prone to contracting chronic illnesses and conditions than any other generation. This is where our health coaches come in to help.

Outside of the many benefits you get from tracking your health data, our health coaches provide you with lifestyle and nutrition recommendations that will help you keep your goals in check, while keeping your health in check.


All our coaching sessions are done by a professional board-certified pharmacist. During your session, your health coach will analyze the following metrics:

  • Duplicate Drug Therapy
  • Drug-Drug Interaction
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
  • Chronic Medication Review
  • Lifestyle Data Review
  • Health Data Tracking
  • Lifestyle and Nutrition Recommendations


  • Get a complete health and lifestyle report
  • A personal health coach to keep your health in check
  • A certified pharmacist to help educate you on your medications
  • Lifestyle and Nutrition recommendations to improve health outcomes


  • This is not an insurance plan
  • Add cancellation policy (minimum 3 months)
  • *Subscription can be cancelled anytime after the initial 3-month period by the subscriber or by RxSubClub.*