RxSubClub Launches Prescription Drug Subscription Service

RxSubClub Launches Prescription Drug Subscription Service

May 5, 2021 Rxsubclub team

Saves time and drives better health outcomes with Coach Rx health coaching, lowest fixed cost meds and management of the refill process.

RxSubClub today announced the launch of its new prescription subscription service. RxSubClub offers prescription meds at the lowest fixed cost. The service helps members simplify their lives by taking over the time-consuming prescription management and refills processes. RxSubClub is available regardless of whether patients have insurance or not. There is no need for patients to worry about co-payments any longer.

“RxSubClub is about convenience and savings, but we have a higher goal than that,” said Mr. Alpesh Patel, Co-Founder for RxSubClub. “We’re working hard to help realize better health outcomes for our members. Part of this involves reducing stress by eliminating long lines at chain pharmacies as well as the problem of being exposed to other patients. With RxSubClub, you’ll never forget a refill on your prescriptions. This should enable increased treatment adherence.” Membership also includes complimentary access to a leading telehealth provider.

The service covers 90% of all generic medications covered under the plan. It provides a fixed cost for easy budgeting. Delivery to patients’ homes is free. No prior authorization approval is required. Members can cancel at any time and receive an instant refund. A certified pharmacist is available to help educate patients on their medications.

RxSubClub is dedicated to helping patients keep their health in check. In this context, the RxSubClub will also soon be introducing Coach Rx, a health-coaching feature well suited to millennials. This patient group is now more prone to contracting chronic illnesses and conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and elevated cholesterol than any other generation before them.

Coach Rx offers members a complete health and lifestyle report along with lifestyle and nutrition recommendations to improve health outcomes. The goal is to enable patients to cultivate a healthier lifestyle with dedicated team consisting of a pharmacist and dietician/nutritionist. The spokesperson added, “Coach Rx is like a gym coach who helps you lose weight. It’s the same concept for your health, aiming to prevent chronic conditions.”